Photo Scanning, Copying & Restoration 

iScanPhotos is the scanning and restoration division of Roy Dressel Photograph, a photography studio that has been in the Visalia area since 1984. While copying and restoration have been a part of our business throughout our long history, we have recently begun marketing that business through this brand new website, iScanPhotos.net. 

Scanning, copying, and restoration of important images is some of the most fun we have in this business, Being able to bring back to life, so to speak, to your precious family memories, and scan the hundreds of images so you can preserve, and share them with, future generations.  That gives us an opportunity to see life as it once was, in your family and in the world at large. We see the photos your dad and mom, your grandparents, and great grandparents took all those years ago and in so doing not only see your life but see the history of all our lives. 

We get to see that history not just in the Visalia area, but also in Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. We get to see some cool old cars and motorcycles, some baseball games, and solders in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. We see a plethora of cool things from the past. It is as fun for us as it is for you. 

So give us a call or email us and make an appointment to bring in those important photos. 


Covid-19 Update: We are now open

But our office hours are limited and by appointment only.
You may reach me by email at [email protected] or call me at 559-697-3880
We have also set protocols for safety in our studio.

Restore you cracked, faded, stained images to like-new condition with our restoration service. 

restoration of old photos

Have us do the work of scanning all those old family memories, whether they be slides your grandfather took, prints that your parents have in a photo album, or negative in a shoebox. 

slides negatives and prints