Colorize Old B&W Photos

Dad B&W
colorize B&W photos

 B&W has it’s own charm, but there are times you want to add color to an image.

Kids B&W
Kids colorized

We get a lot of calls here at iScanPhotos to colorize old B&W photos, and to be quite honest, doing colorization by hand, (in photoshop) is something that I am not that good at. For the longest time, I refused those jobs. It took too long and I had to charge more then most people were willing to pay for something I was not that good at. But then along come AI technology.  Algorithms that can detect people, building. Cars, trees, and grass and produce some nice results. Not always perfect, but better then I could do. We now use that AI (artificial intelligence) technology to colorize your old B&W images and this allows us to charge reasonable prices for this service.  The process is very good but will work better on some photos then with others. (if you do not like the results, you do not have to accept it) The following prices will be added to our other scanning or restoration services.

Colorizing prices.

1-10 Photos colorized:  $5 each
11-25 Photos: $4.00 each
25+ $3.25 each