We are located on Main St. in the heart of downtown Visalia

115 W. Main St. Suite A. 93291

Call or text:  559-697-3880

or use the form below. We will get back with you soon.

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Give a few detials of what you would like. Such as, I have a print that needs some restoration, I have 100 slides that I would like to digitize, etc. We will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within a few hours. 

How to Find Us 

Here is how to find us. We are in the middle of the block between Court and Locust Streets (same block and the same side of the street as Fugazzies) on the south side of the street, on the second floor above Metropolis Salon. Here are a Google Map and a few photos to give you a better idea of how to find our studio.

I Scan Photos-Roy Dressel Photography

Roy Dressel Photography Parking

It’s easier to find parking in our back parking lot. This map shows the parking lot that is on Acequia across from the downtown post office. 

Our back entrance. Please note that the back door may be locked and if so you can call us at 559-734-2110 and ask us to open the door. 

Roy Dressel Photography

The front of our studio, as seen from across the street on Main Street.  

Main St. Door to go upstares

The door on Main Street to go upstairs to our studio. 

You can also make an appointment with us here, online, to bring in your photos, slides, or negative to scan.


It’s always better to have an appointment to make sure we will be open when you come in. With parking what it is in downtown Visalia, we don’t what you go to all the trouble only to fine we are out on a job.

Please note that we do not sell any information you give us, we use it only to contact you now and for any future contacts. Read our privacy policy and our terms and conditions pages.