Photo Scanning Service

Your local Visalia Source for 
 prints and digital files from your old slides, negatives, and photos.

slides, negatives and prints scan

Get prints from slides, negatives and old photos. 

Boxes of negatives that Your old family photos

Our photo scanning service takes the old family slides your dad took all those years ago, those negatives that are sitting in that old shoebox, or the old photos you wish you could share with your brothers and sisters and gives you digital files and prints. Now you can share with family, friends and future generations.  If you have just one or hundreds we can help. This service copies the images as they are. For most old photos that is just fine. If you do have that special image that you need to be restored to like-new condition, we can do that for you with our restoration services.

Your originals never leave our studio

We never send your originals out, all work is done in-house.

Turn around times

This depends on how many images you give us, with just a few we can turn them around in just a few days, if not faster, and many times we can scan one image the same day.  Just give us a call (559-734-2110) and we will discuss what we can do at that time.

What is the cost

Our photo scanning service has a minimum charge of $10.

Copying of prints 8×10 or smaller, slides or negatives begins at $1.00 each for the first ten images.
11-50   75 cents each*
51-100   65 cents each*
100+ 50 cents each*

* These prices are only available from prints, slides, and same-size negatives when all negatives are ordered. IE  Give us three rolls of 35mm negatives that have 36 negatives each, the above prices would apply and the total would be $76.50.

Here’s how that works out: 10 negatives at $1.00 each, 40 negatives at 75 cents each, 50 negatives at 65 cents each, and 8 negatives at .50: Total. $76.50.

But bring us the same amount of negatives to scan from 25 rolls of film of 36 exp film, where you have picked out 108 negatives for us to scan from the 900 total negatives and the price would be $1.00 each ($108.00)

Also, if you have a box of negatives that are organized and in envelopes and you want to have the information kept with the digital files we will scan the info on each envelope and that info will appear before the images that we can from that envelope. The lowest price on this would be 65 cents per slide, the additional 15 cents being the charge for doing this service.

All prices are plus tax.

For large prints 
11×14 $5
16×20  $10
larger than 16×20  by estimate only

There will be an additional 25¢ per slide or print brought to us in an album or slide tray. 

How we deliver your digital files

For just a few files, we will email the files to you, but for larger amounts (over 10) we will post them to a cloud service where you can download them to your computer at no additional charge.

We can also burn a CD or DVD for $5.00 or put your files on a USB stick for $10 (bring your own USB and we won’t charge you for putting them on it)

New. Slide shows on DVD or USB stick now available.  Available at no charge with fifty or more photos copied. (just the charge for a DVD $5 or USB stick $10)
Less than 50 There is a $20 charge for the show.

Prints from slides. prints from negatives. Prints from prints. 

We can do that for the following prices (minimum charge for making prints is $10.00)

4×6 prints  $2

5×7  $4

8×10 $10

11×14  and 12×18  $20

13×19  $25

16×20  $35

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