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Professional Prints from Your Scanned or Restored Photos

Photographic prints that hang on your wall can create a sense of art, of family, of that special place that you feel happy and peaceful. A sanctuary from the world. When you make a print, hold it in your hands, feel the paper’s surface you begin to take the time to really view the image. In our digital world, we often just see images on our phone or computer screen. Often swiping through hundreds of images and not taking the time to view them for more than a few seconds before we are on to the next one. Sure, digital files allow us to share our family memories with others but having prints allows us to take the time to really look at what is in that photography. 

For many of us, that experience of holding the print, or seeing it on our walls has been lost. That’s where the idea of the “If Your Love it-Print It” campaign came from. The special photos that you love, that move you in a special way are the ones you should make prints of. And not just any prints, but professional prints. The difference between a print made at a pharmacy’s photo counter and one made at a professional lab or on a pro-ink-jet printer is night and day. Here at Roy Dressel Photography we only use professional labs and prints that meet the highest standards of both visual quality and archival permanence.

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