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Filming of a Marlboro Commercials

Here is another photo that a customer brought into the studio to have scanned, a digital file, and prints made. The photo shows a film crew in the late 60s shooting a Marlboro man Cigarette commercial on the customer’s ranch here locally.

Those of a certain age will remember the Marlboro commercials. Run from 1954 until January 2, 1971, when the advertising of Cigarettes was banned on TV. It was one of the most recognizable product connections. When you saw a cowboy with a cigarette, you know what it was, a Marlboro. Winston may “taste good like a cigarette should”, but you wanted to be like the Marlboro Man.

It is interesting to note that when Marlboro was first introduced, it was marketed to women. Then, In 1954, an advertising executive named Leo Burnett conceived of the Marlboro Man as a rugged cowboy. Thus was born one of the most famous ad campaigns of all time. The iconic cowboy and his horse graced not only TV but on billboards, magazine ads, and sporting events, where it ran for 29 more years until the campaign ended in 1999.